Bible Study Helps

Each week to accompany the bible study guide a bible study help is provided. This study help outlines some of the major points and bible texts associated with the topics covered in the weekly bible study.

Listed below is the Bible Study Help archive for October - December 2009. You can also view our other archives.

Overview: the Book of Numbers

Study 1: A New Order

Study 2: Preparing A People

Study 3: Worship & Dedication

Study 4: Trumpets, Blood, Cloud & Fire

Study 5: Complaints to Apostasy

Study 6: Planning Ahead

Study 7: Power Struggle

Study 8: Priests & Levites

Study 9: The Sin of Moses & Aaron

Study 10: The "Madness" of the Prophet

Study 11: Immorality on the Border

Study 12: The Second Generation - Admonitions

Study 13: Cities of Refuge (word document format only)