Bible Study Help Archive

Each week to accompany the bible study guide a bible study help is provided. This study help outlines some of the major points and bible texts associated with the topics covered in the weekly bible study.

You can see the list of current bible study helps or you can find a list of the archived study helps below. Please note that these study helps are not the bible study guides. This link will take you to the actual bible study guides which are produced by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.



July - September, 2012
Theme: 1 & 2 Thessalonians


May - June, 2012
Theme: Evangelism & Witnessing


January - March, 2012
Theme: Glimpses of our God 


October - December, 2011
Theme: The Gospel in Galatians


July - September, 2011
Theme: Worship


April - June, 2011
Theme: Garments of Grace


January - March, 2011
Theme: Jesus Wept - the Bible & Human Emotions 


October - December, 2010
Theme: Background Characters in the Old Testament


July - September, 2010
Theme: Redemption in Romans


April - June, 2010
Theme: Health & Healing


January - March, 2010
Theme: The Fruit of the Spirit


October - December, 2009
Theme: Loved & Loving - John's Epistles