Belfast SDA Church Audio Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2019-04-08 A New Name Pastor Jacques Venter 06 04 2019 Pastor Jacques Venter Play
2019-03-02 Trust the Catcher Pastor Llew Edwards Play
2019-02-23 All_things_are_possible Pastor Dan Serb Play
2016-03-26 Move_forward_12032016.mp3 Play
2016-03-19 Jesus_-_The_Essence_of_our_Faith.mp3 Pastor Adam Keough Play
2016-03-26 Move_forward_12032016.mp3 Pastor Curtis Samuel Play
2016-03-05 Slavery_and_The_Cross_05032016.mp3 Pastor Adam Keough Play
2015-07-18 Sealed by God 18072015 Pastor Brian McCormac Play
2015-06-20 Adventist United Pastor David Neal Play
2015-05-23 Hannah's Better Prayer Victor McCormac Play
2015-05-16 Laerning to Trust God Pastor Brian McCormac Play
2015-02-23 The_New_Life.mp3 Play
2015-02-23 Suffering_Doing_Good.mp3 Play
2015-01-31 Tomorrows Church Play
2015-01-24 When will you decide? Pastor Brian McCormac Play
2015-01-17 Walking in the Spirit Play
2015-01-10 Peace Pastor Adam Keough Play
2015-01-03 Chosen as a Treasured Possession Pastor David Neal Play
2014-12-27 7 Things To Remember Pastor Adam Keough Play
2014-12-20 Christmas Service 2014 Play
2014-12-06 Submission to the Holy Spirit Play
2014-12-06 The Submission of Wives Play
2014-11-29 Relationships with Authorities and Employers Play
2014-09-20 Searching Pastor Adam Keough Play
2014-11-01 Baptismal Service 01 11 2014 Play
2014-09-13 Rejoice Pastor Adam Keough Play
2014-09-10 Declaring_God_s_Praises.mp3 Play
2014-08-30 M+J=Righteousness Brian McCormac Play
2014-08-23 Behold What Manner of Love Dr Lynden Christian Play
2014-08-16 To Promise or Not to Promise Celia Parker Play
2014-08-09 He Left the Splendour of Heaven Dr Lynden Christian Play
2014-08-02 The New Jerusalem Pastor Adam Keough Play
2014-09-11 A_New_Heaven_and_New_Earth.mp3 Play
2014-09-11 I_Am_the_Light_of_the_World.mp3 Play
2014-09-11 Do_not_be_distracted.mp3 Play
2014-09-11 The_Crucifixion___The_Cross.mp3 Play
2014-09-11 To_Emmaus.mp3 Play
2014-09-11 Prayer._A_Waste_of_Time.mp3 Play
2014-06-07 Commissioned by God Pastor Adam Keough Play
2014-05-31 Chosen by God Pastor Adam Keough Play
2014-05-24 Look up to Jesus Pastor Janos Kovacs-Biro Play
2014-05-17 Called by God - Saul Pastor Adam Keough Play
2014-04-26 The Holy Spirit's Work Pastor Adam Keough Play
2014-04-12 Be available to God Janos Kovacs-Biro Play
2014-04-05 Jesus 7 Training and Equipping Pastor Adam Keough Play
2014-03-22 The Kingdom of God Pastor Adam Keough Play
2014-03-15 This is My Blood Pastor Adam Keough Play
2014-03-08 This is My Body Pastor Adam Keough Play
2014-01-18 Ten2Five.mp3 Play
2014-02-15 And_They_Followed_Him_2.mp3 Play
2014-02-15 And_They_Followed_Him.mp3 Play
2014-02-15 The_House_of_Herod.mp3 Play
2014-02-15 Contagious_Adventist_Session_8.mp3 Play
2014-02-15 If_My_People_Pray.mp3 Play
2014-02-15 Contagious_Adventist_Session_7.mp3 Play
2014-02-15 Contagious_Adventist_Session_6.mp3 Play
2014-02-15 Contagious_Adventist_Session_5.mp3 Play
2014-02-15 Where_the_wild_things_are.mp3 Play
2014-02-15 Crazy_Jonah_Good_God.mp3 Play
2013-10-26 Religion_that_is_pure_and_undefined.mp3 Lynden Christian Play
2013-10-16 The_Beatitudes_-_Reaching_the_Sumit.mp3 Play
2013-10-16 The_Great_Harvest.mp3 Play
2013-10-16 Contagious_Adventist_Session_4.mp3 Play
2013-10-16 Contagious_Adventist_Session_3.mp3 Play
2013-10-16 Contagious_Adventist_Session_2.mp3 Play
2013-10-16 Without_Me_You_Can_Do_Nothing.mp3 Play
2013-10-16 A_stopping_place.mp3 Play
2013-10-16 The_God_of_all_comforts.mp3 Play
2013-10-16 The_Mountain_of_God.mp3 Play
2013-10-16 Jesus_and_Those_Who_Fail.mp3 Play
2013-10-16 Unless_we_become_like_little_children.mp3 Play
2013-10-16 MVC_Alumni_Afternoon_Service.mp3 Play
2013-10-16 Shining_Through_the_Journey_til_Jesus_Comes.mp3 Play
2013-10-16 Born_Blind.mp3 Play
2013-10-16 Contagious_Adventist_Session_1.mp3 Play
2013-10-16 Nothing_to_fear.mp3 Play
2013-06-08 Day_of_Fellowship_2013_Afternoon Play
2013-06-01 The Blessed Hope Pastor Adam Keough Play
2013-10-16 Following_Christ.mp3 Play
2013-05-25 Becoming Pastor Adam Keough Play
2013-05-11 Compassion Pastor Adam Keough Play
2013-05-04 Reach Out Pastor Adam Keough Play
2013-03-30 The EmptyVault Victor McCormac Play
2013-03-16 A Culture of Caring Pastor Adam Keough Play
2013-03-09 Sinlessness and Perfection Brian McCormac Play
2013-03-02 The Narrow Way Eileen Irvine Play
2013-02-23 The Temptations of Jesus Pastor Adam Keough Play
2013-02-16 From Egypt to Canaan Lynden Christian Play
2013-02-09 Giving them back Pastor Adam Keough Play
2013-02-02 The Greatest Commandment Pastor Adam Keough Play
2013-01-26 Seeking to save the lost Pastor Des Rafferty Play
2013-01-19 Asleep_in_the_Boat.mp3 Play
2013-01-12 Heroes of Goodness Play
2013-01-05 Christian Unity Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-12-29 Humbled yet exalted Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-10-20 The Power and Purpose of God's word Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-10-13 The Hedge Victor McCormac Play
2012-09-22 Miraculous Signs and Wonders Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-09-15 Atishoo Atishoo Wall Fall Down Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-09-08 Siser Escapes To Jael Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-09-01 To Know and make God Known Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-08-25 They Shall Not Cleave To_One Another Pastor Brian McCormac Play
2012-08-18 Taken_Left Tom Thompson Play
2012-08-11 Through_The_Days_of_Preparation Pastor David Neal Play
2012-07-27 The_Greatest_Trade_Ever Pastor Brian McCormac Play
2012-07-21 The_Eyes.mp3 Play
2012-07-14 The_Ear Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-07-07 Wait_and_do_what Play
2012-06-30 The_Battle_Prayer Play
2012-06-23 Communion_23_06_2012 Play
2012-06-16 The Father and The Great Hope Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-06-09 Acceptance Youth Service Youth Play
2012-06-02 The Voice from Space Victor McCormac Play
2012-05-26 Rags to Riches Eileen Irvine Play
2012-05-19 Jacob Ryan Keough Dedication Pastor Douglas McCormac Play
2012-05-19 Awake Pastor Douglas McCormac Play
2012-05-12 The Shortcut Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-05-05 Belief and Behaviour Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-04-21 A New Generation Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-04-21 One Foot in the Grace Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-04-14 Revived by His Word Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-03-31 Palm Sunday Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-03-24 Youth Week of Prayer 2 Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-03-17 Youth Week of Prayer Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-03-10 Window Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-03-03 They Walked Away Pastor Brian McCormac Play
2012-03-06 Live_Long_and_Prosper.mp3 Play
2012-02-11 The Apple of My Eye Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-02-03 Holy Time Holy Place Dr L Turner Play
2012-02-03 Holy Time Holy Place Questions Dr L Turner Play
2012-01-28 January Baptism Play
2012-01-28 January Baptism Afternoon Play
2012-01-21 Christian Encouragement Pastor Adam Keough Play
2012-01-14 Spiritual Fruit Eileen Irvine Play
2011-12-31 When God Works Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-12-24 Christmas Service 2011 Play
2011-12-17 The Wise Men vs_Herod Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-12-10 Teenager in Love Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-12-03 Genealogy of Jesus Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-11-26 The Samaritan Woman Pastor Steven Hulbert Play
2011-11-19 Seventh-Day Adventist, part 5 Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-11-12 Communion_Nov_2011 Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-11-05 The_business_of_Heaven/Week of Prayer 2 Pastor David Neal Play
2011-10-29 Week_of_prayer Victor McCormac Play
2011-10-22 Justification_by_faith_alone Dr Alden Thompson Play
2011-10-22 Disappointment_Friday_Disappointment_Tuesday Dr Alden Thompson Play
2011-10-22 Studying_the_Bible_and_E_G_White_Part1 Dr Alden Thompson Play
2011-10-22 Studying_the_Bible_and_e_g_white_2 Dr Alden Thompson Play
2011-10-15 SDA_Part4 Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-10-08 SDA_Part3 Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-10-01 Festival_of_thanksgiving Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-09-24 SDA_Part2 Play
2011-09-17 SDA_Part1 Play
2011-09-10 How do you know I love you Pastor Nathan Stickland Play
2011-09-03 Confession Play
2011-08-27 Forgiven Forgiveness Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-08-20 The_Loving_Father Pastor Douglas McCormac Play
2011-08-06 Heroes Of Faith Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-07-09 Stand Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-07-02 Communion 02/07/2011 Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-06-25 He lives Eileen Irvine Play
2011-06-18 Walk Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-06-11 Sitting in the Heavenlies Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-06-04 Three Angels Message Pastor David Neal Play
2011-05-28 Thank you Jesus Victor McCormac Play
2011-05-21 The Obligations of Grace Julian Hibbert Play
2011-05-18 Operation_Ramoth.mp3 Play
2011-04-16 Unity in the family Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-04-07 They_ve_let_me_out.mp3 Play
2011-04-02 They’ve Let Me Out, Now Let Me In! Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-03-20 Thats_Saul_Folks.mp3 Play
2011-03-19 Thats Saul Folks Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-03-12 Is your Calling and Election sure? John Onyango Play
2011-02-26 A_Growing_People_2.mp3 Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-02-05 The Golden Calf Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-02-12 Lets Cross Over Frederick Molapise Play
2011-01-22 Bricks Without Straw Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-01-15 Thank you for Sight, Lord.mp3 Celia Parker Play
2011-01-08 The Understanding of God's Word Pastor Adam Keough Play
2011-01-01 The Christ of Christmas Victor McCormac Play
2010-12-25 Christmas Day 2010 Play
2010-12-18 Carol Service 2010 Play
2010-12-17 The_Resurrection_and_The_Life.mp3 Play
2010-11-20 On the Jericho road Fredrick Molapise Play
2010-10-23 Live_worthy_of_the_sacrifice.mp3 Pastor D McFarlane Play
2010-10-16 Zeal and Knowledge Adam Keough Play
2010-10-09 The greatest commandment is love Adam Keough Play
2010-09-25 The trouble with grace Eileen Irvine Play
2010-08-07 Great is thy faithfulnes Lynden Christian Play
2010-07-24 Grace peace and glory Adam Keough Play
2010-07-17 An introduction to Galatians Adam Keough Play
2010-07-03 The grand finale David McKibben Play
2010-06-26 Desiring a humble heart Adam Keough Play
2010-06-19 Growing Spiritual Champions Adam Play
2010-06-19 Dedication of Sabine Dara Dela Cruz Adam Keough Play
2010-06-05 Just ask Celia Parker Play
2010-05-29 communion service 29-05-10 Play
2010-05-22 A_tight_squeeze.mp3 Adam Keough Play
2010-05-15 Forgiveness Adam Keough Play
2010-05-08 Let off in the loo Adam Keough Play
2010-05-01 Be not deceived Lynden Christian Play
2010-04-17 Lying down in the Temple Adam Keough Play
2010-09-04 Am I called John Onyango Play
2009-03-14 Beautiful Feet Pastor Victor Hulbert Play
2010-04-10 Prayer.mp3 Claudiu Popescu Play
2010-03-27 Do you want to get well.mp3 Henrik Jorgensen Play
2010-03-13 Yes Lord.mp3 Celia Parker Play
2010-03-06 womens day of prayer.mp3 Women of the Church Play
2010-02-20 communion service Adam Keough Play
2010-02-13 worthy_or_unworthy.mp3 Adam Keough Play
2010-02-06 Beyond_the_Rehersal.mp3 Pastor Neal Play
2010-01-24 The Bible Translations, Part1.mp3 Adam Keough Play
2010-01-16 The History of the New Testament, part4.mp3 Adam Keough Play
2010-01-09 The Word of God, Part3.mp3 Adam Keough Play
2010-01-02 Mercy and Truth Adam Keough Play
2009-12-12 The Word of God, part2.mp3 Adam Keough Play
2009-12-05 The Word of God, part1.mp3 Adam Keough Play
2009-10-16 Churches of Revelation - Part 1 Pastor Adam Keough Play
2009-09-06 John 4:1-42 Eileen Irvine Play
2009-09-06 2 May 2009 Pastor Adam Keough Play
2009-04-18 18 April 2009 Pastor Adam Keough Play