Dear Friend

Talk with anyone, read a daily paper, watch the television, search the internet, and it’s clear for all to see that health matters. With the masses of advice on offer day after day, I confess to being more than confused at times about who to trust and believe.   

'CREATION HEALTH,' the holistic lifestyle programme of the Adventist run Florida Hospital, aims to help people live life to the fullest, with God's original plan for a full life. Through seminars, books and media they have all the resources necessary to enable the local church to launch or expand community health initiatives.

A lasting aim of the Dublin City of Hope City of Project is to resource every Irish Mission church with a balanced, whole person, and grace centred health programme. To help achieve this aim, the ‘CREATION Health’ team are willing to partner with the Irish Mission for the long term. They are to make their first visit to the Irish Mission from May 22nd – 28th. A central feature will be a three day ‘Seminar Leader Training Course’ to be held at Kilnasoolagh (please find details and booking form attached).      

Irish Mission members frequently run health emphasis programmes which focus on cookery, stress, smoking cessation and depression recovery (to highlight a few). But this is the first product through which we are able to run a full and comprehensive wellness programme.

At the core of ‘CREATION Health’ are some values and features I think you’ll particularly like:    

  • As an integral part of Florida Hospital, the brand comes with trusted credentials, demonstrating a clear respect for, and strong association with evidence-based medicine.
  • Like almost all Adventist health programmes, this lifestyle medicine programme centres on the 8 principles of health of which we are all familiar.
  • It is an attractive, bright and professional product, backed up with up with numerous online & offline resources.
  • The focus is not only on physical health (diet and exercise), but also on relationships, emotional health and the environment.
  • A health programme for all the family
  • It’s theological/philosophical foundation is grace centred

When fully implemented across the Irish Mission, I’m hoping it will serve to help and encourage members to live healthy lifestyles, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I also hope it will provide a respected and credible Adventist health ministries ‘foundation product’, to use for health ministry outreach.

Could the Lord use you to connect with the community in this way? Could you partner with your fully-trained pastor in running the course? If you are a health professional (or a group of health professionals), how about using ‘CREATION Health’ as a tool to complement your discipline?  To get us up running and started on this journey, we’re going to be ‘training trainers’ to lead the programme where we are. 

Robyn Edgerton the ‘CREATION Health’ Mission Development Director “feels that Dublin could be a model for other cities wanting to do outreach. We want to go where we are needed most and can make a difference. We want to do the maximum good while we are with you. So we are excited at working together with you to see where God leads.”

To discover more about ‘Creation Health’, go to:

The course is scheduled to begin a month tomorrow (May 26th). Hope to see you there, and enjoy the training with you.

Please share this information as appropriate.

Cheers and best wishes,

David Neal

President, Irish Mission

Seventh-day Adventist Church