Purpose: the purpose of coNNEct is to keep in regular contact with 4 groups of people:

  • members who are irregular attendees;
  • members who do not attend church services;
  • non-members who are occasional attendees;
  • non-members who are on our contact list.

Approach: to actually achieve the purpose each of the people/families on the coNNect list receive a mailing through their letter box 3 times a year with the following included:

  • letter of introduction (first mailing only)
  • FOCUS magazine
  • 2 past issues of the church bulletin
  • a special book (once per year)

Submitting names: if you know someone who you believe we could put onto our contact list to receive the above mailing please submit their details here. Please consult them first before submitting their details. Once we have received the form they will automatically be added to the list.