ADRA-UK house-to-house collection 2015!


For over 100 years, Seventh-day Adventist church members have been collecting money from the public for missions and humanitarian relief. In the past 10 years they have been collecting specifically for ADRA, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency. Because of the dedication of the volunteers and the support and generosity of the public, millions of pounds have been raised for development projects and disaster relief and millions of lives have been positively impacted.


The residents of (INSERT TOWN) Between 28th March and 12th April (until the 19thApril in London) over 5,000 volunteers across the United Kingdom will be collecting money house-to-house for ADRA-UK. This year the charity hopes to raise over half a million of pounds through its annual house-to-house appeal. The public are being asked to make a one off donation, there is no commitment required, ADRA will not contact donors asking for more money, and it won’t take much time.  Whatever people can give will be greatly appreciated and go toward making a big difference.


Millions of people around the world live without access to the things we take for granted such as clean water, education, medicine and food. ADRA recognizes the dignity that is inherent in each person and is committed to improving the quality of human life. It serves people without regard to their ethnic, political, or religious association. ADRA-UK believes that together we can bring about long lasting change and help people out of poverty.


Among other projects, donations this year will go towards improving access to clean water in Cameroon and solar power in Laos to help adult literacy.


The public can be sure that donations will be used well. Donations are not used to pay ADRA staff or cover general admin costs. Over 90% of what you donate will help people through our projects and disaster relief fund.  ADRA-UK uses less than 10% of money raised to pay for the fundraising costs, like printing, for the annual appeal. 


ADRA-UK would like to thank the public in advance for their donations and kindness to ADRA-UK volunteers. All collectors are unpaid and volunteers and carry an official ADRA collection tin with a collectors badge and permit. ADRA-UK is a registered charity (England and Wales: 1074937, Scotland: SC037726 and Isle of Man 1101).


Please visit our website - or email - for more information.